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My name is # and I am working for a relatively large business located in CA.

We are looking for 360 Degree Feedback Software, and we were visiting your website for more information.

We are looking for quite some features to include, and we would appreciate if you could give us some information regarding the following:

Does your software include:
– Anonymous Feedback
– Dashboard
– Progress Tracking

What are the pricing options, deployment and amount of users the software can handle?

Happy to hear back from you guys,

I also have some additional questions, so feel free to answer those:
Does your software include:
– Question Library
– Rater Selection
– Reporting/Analytics
– Self Service Portal
– Surveys & Feedback




15Five is a human-centered performance management platform that creates effective managers, highly engaged employees, and top-performing organizations. From engagement surveys and 1-on-1 tools to performance reviews and OKRs, 15Five is the most complete solution that combines software, education, and community to develop successful managers and unlock peak employee performance.
Located in United States
Founded in 2012

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